Local “Stay at Home” Orders Conflicting with Statewide Order

NCADA is currently working to address the impact of various local government “stay at home” orders in the State which conflict with Governor Cooper’s Executive Order 121 that recognized “automobile dealers” and “auto supply, sales,… auto-repair” as Essential Businesses and Operations exempt from the general non-essential business closure order, provided certain other requirements of the Order are maintained.

However, as previously noted, several local governments throughout the state have issued their own “stay at home” orders, both before and subsequent to the Governor’s statewide order.  Some of the local orders match the statewide order and include auto sales as an essential business.  However, some of the other local orders either explicitly provide that auto sales are NOT exempt as essential business operations or include ambiguous wording that is being interpreted and enforced by the local government as excluding “auto sales” from the designation as an essential business.

NCADA has been engaged in multiple efforts around the state to seek reconsideration of the local orders in an effort to have auto sales designated as essential businesses and operations, consistent with the Governor’s statewide Executive Order.

NCADA has informed these local governments that we feel strongly that maintaining the availability of a constant supply of motor vehicles is absolutely essential to enable healthcare organizations and individuals employed by other “essential businesses” to operate. It is important to note that there are a significant number of businesses and individuals that purchase motor vehicles that do so out of necessity – their current vehicle has broken, and a replacement vehicle is required for basic transportation.  Reliable transportation is nothing less than essential.