Serving NC Franchise Dealers Since 1935

The North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association (NCADA) is a trade association representing North Carolina’s franchised automobile, truck and RV dealers. Formed in 1935, today’s NCADA actively represents nearly 700 new car, truck and RV dealers. The association is dedicated to providing the highest quality service in education, insurance and legislative support for North Carolina dealers.

NCADA is uniquely positioned to promote and maintain a competitive retail automotive industry meeting the economic goals of dealers while providing the best value to new car, truck, and RV customers throughout the state.

We also maintain strong relationships with NCADA approved Associate Members which represent many automotive related industries. Since 1935, our mission has been “to use our collective power to proactively preserve, protect and enhance the economic life, relationships and image of our members and the association itself.” This is shown in our legislative efforts, our work with the Attorney General’s office, the Department of Transportation and other public and private entities related to our industry.

While not directly associated with the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA), NCADA maintains a close working relationship with NADA.