Continuing 40 Year Tradition of Supporting NC Dealers’ Workers’ Compensation Needs

For nearly 40 years, NCADA has been committed to assisting dealers with obtaining competitively priced workers’ compensation insurance to best serve the needs of your dealership and to best protect your employees.  As part of this effort, NCADA has strived to continuously examine the ever-changing marketplace and to identify the best means of attending to the needs of our dealer members.

Beginning in 1981, in response to the calls of NCADA members for a program uniquely tailored to the industry, NCADA formed its own Self Insurance Fund (SIF).  In light of regulatory and economic changes, in 2009 NCADA merged the SIF into the independently operated, Dealers Choice Mutual Insurance (DCMI), which was exclusively endorsed by NCADA.  DCMI operated from the start with the same mission as the original SIF – Workers’ Compensation, By Dealers, For Dealers.

NCADA is happy to announce the next step in this nearly four-decade long effort --- A strategic partnership with a new provider, First Benefits Insurance Mutual (FBIM), to assist our franchised dealer members.  First Benefits, similar to DCMI, is an insurance provider created by another of North Carolina’s leading trade associations – the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association.  NCADA has a long-standing relationship and has worked closely with the Retail Merchants Association on legislative and public policy matters throughout the years, including insurance issues.

NCADA’s commitment to working with our members to provide high-quality, competitively priced workers’ compensation insurance is just as strong TODAY as when it was first made to our members in 1981.  Forming a partnership with an insurance provider that provides a comprehensive network of independent agents and covering a larger spectrum of retail merchants, including the automotive industry, is the natural next step in NCADA’s efforts for our members.

As you work to place your workers’ compensation insurance in 2023, we encourage you to provide NCADA and First Benefits with the opportunity to continue being your partner.

Should you have any questions, please call Robert Glaser or John Policastro at NCADA at 919-828-4421.