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NC Dealers Support The Military

"Fayetteville is inescapably a military town.

You see it plastered on billboards and business signs — words like Airborne, All American and Patriot; the overabundance of red, white and blue; and phrases like “Thank you for your service” that are part of the fabric of the city. And you see it in the community itself, where Army multicam is far and away the most popular fashion choice.

Fayetteville’s support for the military extends far beyond yellow ribbons and empty platitudes. It comes in the form of volunteer work, charitable donations and at the cash register in the form of the ubiquitous military discount..."

“The dealers in Fayetteville have developed a tremendous working relationship with the military,” Glaser said. “It goes beyond just the sale and purchase of new cars… It’s a model relationship for how well the local business community can work with the service.”

Local dealers support activities on and off post that cater to the military community."